As promised it is time to unveil The Resource Girls halloween costume, costing less than $10!

Happy Halloween ||

When your BFF lives states away you have to find creative ways to communicate. To say we’re obsessed with snapchat is an understatement. We use snapchat on the daily (and multiple times daily) to show each other our meals, our pets, our outfits, inappropriate things we see in public places, and whatever else meets our fancy. We can’t remember what we did before we had it! When trying to decide what to be for halloween we couldn’t think of anything more fitting than a snapchat.

Happy Halloween ||

Here’s the price breakdown:

  • Box for LC’s sandwich board - free from Cat’s work

  • White spray paint for sandwich board - $1

  • White poster board to make ghost - $2

  • LC’s yellow pants - already owned

  • LC’s yellow shirt - $2 Old Navy clearance

  • LC’s fake eyelashes - $2 WalMart halloween section

  • Cat’s blue scrubs - had in closet from work

  • Cat’s headpiece - used leftover poster board from ghost and wire hanger

  • Cat’s wording necklace - used scraps from LC’s sandwich board

  • Fake blood to put on scrubs - $2 Party City

Total Cost: $9

Happy Halloween from The Resource Girls!

Happy Halloween ||
Be resourceful. Be you. ||
AuthorLauren Wertz