This week is all about hair...dirty hair and how to style it.

LC is the master of the day three dirty hair top knot, she reveals her secret to keeping hair looking fresh. Cat proves you can work out and still not have to wash your hair. And we have a guest blogger, Nicole, talking about how she rocks her pixie without washing it every day. 

Life is too short to have boring, dry, and over washed hair. Join us in saving your locks and looking amazing while doing it. 

LC Hair ||

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair routine.  Maybe that’s because I have pretty simple, straight hair.  Growing up my mom would try to curl my hair before church and in five minutes it would be flat.  We tried the perm route (like any mom in the late 80’s would, wanting to give my hair some life) and this was not good.  I have pictures as proof and it’s what the lovable #ThrowbackThursday dreams are made of.  #Scary!  

After years of daily washing, daily blow drying and daily flat ironing I quickly learned all this was doing for me was giving me broken and damaged hair.  I used to believe that my best hair days were on the day I washed my hair, but this is not the case. I now wash my hair every 3 to 4 days and my best hair days are usually on day 2 or 3.  No joke!  My hair is healthier than ever.  I don’t care what hair type you have, washing it every day is not good for it, so stop!!!  I’ll admit I had a hard time at first. It takes hair a couple weeks to get used to not being washed all the time. I promise it’s worth it, wait it out.

I’m a get ready in 30 minutes kind of a girl, so a lot of products and hassle just aren’t my thing.  I also don’t have the type of hair that loves a lot of products.  Too many make it ultra greasy and ends up doing the opposite of what they’re designed to do.  The one hair product I use consistently, without fail though is Pssst dry shampoo. It literally brings life back into my hair on the days I don’t wash it. I even use it on my bangs. That’s right, I don’t even wash my bangs everyday.  #Greasinessbegone!

How Psssst works:

  1. On day 2 and 3 (or 4, if you’re living dangerously) shake the Pssst can and spray just like you would hairspray onto your hair.  Spray directly at the roots of your part, under your bangs at the hairline and on top of your bangs.  I would also suggest picking up some sections off the top of your head and spraying at your roots underneath each of those to give it more volume.  You don’t need to spray thick layers of the Pssst onto your hair.  One thin layer should do just fine.

  2. Warning: This will turn your hair a grayish white color, but once combed in it’ll go away.  Take a fine tooth comb and comb the Pssst through your bangs and the hair you sprayed at the roots. I comb it pretty good, going back through the hair and then combing it back in place. Sometimes I then use my fingers to massage it in as well, which helps give it extra volume.

  3. Next, I flat iron my bangs which gives them their shape back and that’s it!  You could also add some curls to your hair, like I do in my day 2 picture.

Curious as to how I wear my hair for those three days?  Take a look below and stay tuned Tuesday and Wednesday this week for Cat’s medium length hair post and Nicole’s short hair post.  We are giving you different takes on hair length, texture, and style; no matter the type there is no reason to over wash. We've always been of the persuasion it's a little more fun to play dirty. 

Day One || Straight Hair

LC Hair ||
LC Hair ||

Day Two || Loose Waves

LC Hair ||
LC Hair ||

Day Three || Top Knot

LC Hair ||
LC Hair ||
Be resourceful. Be you. ||

AuthorLauren Wertz