RG loves the holidays, but who doesn’t?!   What’s not to love about all the good food, presents, happy music, and family that come with this time of year?  The holidays also bring parties, happy hours, work events, and family get togethers.  We’re firm believers in dressing for success and always trying to look your best, so today we thought we’d share a few of our favorite secrets to looking your holiday best (while not spending a fortune!).

Katy Perry Lashes || Katy Perry has her own brand of eyelashes, Eylure, at Ulta and we swear by them!  She has several different types ranging from a more natural, thicker lash to some funkier designs. They are under $10 a pair, come with glue and you can use them multiple times! Fake eyelashes help complete your look and add that extra dressier touch.    

Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com

Red Lipstick ||

Nothing says I’m ready for a holiday party quite like bright, red lips do!  We’ve talked about this before, but this past year I picked up Wet 'N Wild's Megalast (the color is called Red My Mind) lipstick for Cat’s birthday and it turned our night around.  Red lips make us feel so girly and what woman doesn’t want to feel that way?  Don’t leave home without it this season!

Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com
Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com


Funky Tights ||  

Need a way to spice up that black dress in your closet?  Funky tights is your answer!  I own a pair of plum colored tights that have gotten more use than I thought they would.  They are a great way to add color or texture to an outfit while still looking classy!  Go out of your comfort zone and get a pair that have an edge.

Sally Hansen Nail Stickers ||

It’s all in the details! Sally Hansen came out with some awesome nail stickers that will take your look from zero to sixty in no time. They have ones that require a UV light (see previous post, here) and ones that don’t. This nail art can funk up your look in minutes and they’re basically fool proof. They’re easy to apply and cost around $10.

Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com

Faux Mohawk || Changing up your hair can take your look from mediocre to out of this world in no time. I have the best hair stylist on the planet and she’s always giving me inspiration for my hair that is just a little on the edge. She posted a picture of her hair in this faux mohawk and I knew I could easily recreate this look. This style works best on hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two.

  1. Divide hair into four sections - bangs or hair in front out, one small section on each side of head by temples and one big section of hair down the center of the head.  

  2. Use small rubber bands to begin making multiple small messy buns down center of scalp, the messier the better! Don’t worry about pieces sticking out, we will bobby pin down later. And you want it a little bit messy!

  3. After hair in center is complete, take hair from sides, twist tightly, then pin down into messy bun section. I did two twists on each side. Use comb and hair spray to slick this part down. Having the sides slicked down is key to rocking your mohawk!

  4. Tease bangs or front of hair with lots of volume and pin down into center messy buns. I pull these pieces up after I’ve pinned it down for added dimension.

  5. Lastly, use a mirror to look at back of your hair. Pin down or pull out hair as desired. The key to making this hairstyle work is slicked down sides and definitive mohawk style down the middle.

Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com
Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com
Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com

Second Hand Style || Don’t be afraid to borrow something! Ask one of your girlfriends if you can shop her closet for a dress or pair of shoes. Outfits can look completely different on different people, especially once you add in jewelry, nails, makeup and a funky hairstyle. Borrowing a dress can save you a fortune, especially if it’s something you’re only going to wear for one night. Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention browsing Goodwill or a second hand shop. Remember, you just have to plan. Waiting until the last minute will cause you to spend money on something you normally wouldn’t have and be unnecessarily stressed out.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously || Holiday time is about being around the ones you love and having a great time!  Don’t get too stressed in the details and enjoy yourself!

Looking Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com
Looking Your Holiday Best || www.theresourcegirls.com
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AuthorLauren Wertz