The holiday season is upon us and working out is the first thing and the last thing on our minds. Everyone wants to look great at that holiday party or when seeing family or friends. Lets be realistic though, who has time for exercise between shopping, getting ready, work and running all over town to pick up gifts and holiday party essentials? As always, The Resource Girls are here to tell you, you can do it all and not have to spend a fortune.

I originally discovered in an attempt to get some yoga in on days I work. When I work at the hospital it’s a fourteen hour day from the time I leave my door to the time I get home. This leaves little time to sleep, eat, and shower much less work out. YogaGlo to the rescue!

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  • HD Video that gives you the experience of being in a yoga class from the comfort of your own home, your parent's house over the holidays, or even a hotel while you’re traveling for work.

  • $18/Month - 15 day free trial when you sign-up.

  • Classes range from 5-120 minutes, you decide how much time you have.

  • Pick your level.

  • Pick between ten different styles of yoga - meditation, vinyasa flow, restorative, yin, etc.

  • Other things we love - can’t sleep, got a cold, want to work on inversions? There’s a class for that. Also having trouble with a specific body part - achy back or sore feet? There’s a class for that too!
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No excuses this holiday season to slack on your fitness game. Take as little as 15 minutes to regroup and find your center. You’ll feel better, we guarantee it. Need a little extra motivation? Get a new outfit from Fabletics (pictured), read our previous post about them here

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YogaGlo ||
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AuthorCat Golden