Fringe Purse Tutorial ||

One fashion trend I find myself pulled to over and over again this year is fringe.  If you follow any celebrity on Instagram, then you probably noticed all the boho at this year’s Coachella.  There’s something so alluring about the comfort and ease that comes with this style.  Since spring, I’ve wanted to add a few boho pieces to my wardrobe and a fringe purse was at the top of my list.  I’m currently crushing on these: here, here, here, here.

I love anything DIY.  I’m always trying to think of ways to create my own one of a kind piece.  My number one rule with anything DIY is the project has to be cheaper than the actual item I want to purchase.  When I found the perfect fringe trimming at Hobby Lobby for 30% off, it was just what I needed to get a jump on making my own fringe purse tutorial.  I've made a tutorial for you, so you can make your own too.

When shopping for fringe you want to look in the trimming section.  Both Hobby Lobby and Joann’s Fabric have trimming sections usually located near the ribbon.  The trimmings aisle is filled with every thing and anything you could want to take a simple item and turn it up a notch.  Lace, velvet, beading, cording and fringe are just some of the items you can find in this aisle.  These are all great ways to add some spice to a pillow, a pair of shorts, or even to outline a pocket on a plain t-shirt.  I prefer Hobby Lobby’s fringe over Joann’s, so I would check out both stores and see which you like better before purchasing any.  Also, never buy anything from either store without a coupon.  Joann’s has a great phone app that gives coupons weekly and Hobby Lobby always gives 40% coupons through emails and on their website.

Fringe Purse Tutorial ||

The purse I’m using I found at Goodwill for only $1.50.  I loved both the size and the color.  It’s definitely smaller, but you could use a bigger tote if you want or even a clutch you have lying around that could use a little love.  The other items are things you may have already if you are a craft nut like me.  If not, I use them in other tutorials here at The Resource Girls, so I promise you, if you stick around you will use them again.  Now find an old purse in your closet, turn on your DVR and fringe away!

Items You’ll Need:

Fringe Purse Tutorial ||

- Purse (Goodwill)

- 3 yards fringe trimming (Hobby Lobby)

- ½ yard woven fabric trimming (Joann’s-optional)

- Aleene’s Fabric Glue

- Fabric Adhesive Spray

- Washable Fabric Marker

- Measuring Tape

Fringe Purse Tutorial: (Adjust to your purses measurements)

  1. Measure the length of your bag.  My bag is 6.5 inches long.
  2. Next, decide how many stripes of fringe you will need to cover the front of your bag.  I decided on 8.  I’m only covering the front of my purse.  If you decide to cover the whole purse you will need more fringe trimming.
  3. Now divide the length of your bag (6.5 for mine) by the number of stripes you want (8 for mine).  This number is the amount you will put between each layer (.80 for mine).  I then took a washable marker and marked .80 down the side of the bag until I had 8 stripes, starting with the top of the       bag as my first stripe.
  4. Next take a straight edge and your       washable marker and draw all 8 lines   across the length of your purse so you  know where you are placing your trim.
  5. Measure the length of the front of your purse from the left side to the right side.  Mine was 12 inches long.  Now cut 8 pieces of fringe each 12 inches long.
  6. Take your first piece of fringe (not correct size in picture) and place the fabric glue across the entire top edge. Starting at the bottom of your purse, take your fabric spray adhesive and spray all along the lowest washable marker line on your purse.
  7. Now, place your piece of fringe carefully over the entire length of the purse on the washable marker line you drew where the spray adhesive is.  Push down over the top of this piece to ensure it’s secured.
  8. Complete steps 6 & 7 for all 8 pieces of fringe.  The top line will be the last line you glue.
  9. You can stop here to keep the purse all fringe.  I would have done this had I found a tan or brown purse.  Due to my purse being red, I felt I needed a little extra something to tie it all together.  I followed steps 6 & 7 to add a piece of woven fabric trimming on the top to give it a completed finish look.  The only thing I changed was I glued this stripe all the way around the purse.  Again, this is personal preference, so make it your own!
  10. Find an excuse to wear a boho chic outfit and complete the look with your new fabulous purse!
Fringe Purse Tutorial ||
Fringe Purse Tutorial ||
Fringe Purse Tutorial ||
Fringe Purse Tutorial ||
Fringe Purse Tutorial ||
Fringe Purse Tutorial ||
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