I’ve lived in an apartment for seven years and throughout this time I’ve learned to be resourceful when it comes to wanting the simple pleasures that homeowners have.  A couple things I’ve learned through the years: exactly how many bags of groceries I can carry up the stairs in one trip, how much I can cram into a washer with the clothes still coming out clean, and how to create my own patio oasis with only a few feet of space.  S’mores are one of those simple pleasures that Nathan and I crave throughout summer and fall.  A barrier to apartment living is not being allowed to have an open flame on your patio, especially if you live on the second floor, like us.  This creates a slight dilemma when the boyfriend has a sudden urge to chow down on a gooey s’more.

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A work around to this problem is to use your oven broiler to get that toasted layer on the marshmallow.  Turn your broiler on high and let it heat up.  Place your marshmallows on an oven safe cookie sheet and place them in your oven, below the broiler.  I put my cookie sheet on the lowest shelf in the oven.  I recommend flipping the marshmallow every 1-2 minutes per side and this way each side gets a little bit crispy.  Careful though, broilers can burn your food rather quickly, so keep a good eye on it.

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Next, all you need are your s’more essentials.  For us it’s marshmallows, graham crackers and a Reese’s peanut butter cup, or two. These are best enjoyed on a cool night, sitting on your patio, glass of wine in hand and sharing a blanket with that special someone. Build away and enjoy!!

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AuthorLauren Wertz