Target is a death trap. I can rarely leave that store without spending at least $50. I don’t know how it happens. I have four things on my list and end up needing a cart to carry everything by the time I’m checking out. However, on this particular day while browsing the end caps I came across one of the better clearance deals I’ve ever found. Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips for only $1.88. That’s right, gel nails at home for less than $2! Right away it was obvious why they were on sale. They required a UV light to cure the nail. See previous Thrifty Thursday Gel Nail Tutorial here. Who has a UV light in their own home? This resource girl. My only regret is that I only bought 4 packs.

Sally Hansen Gel Nails ||


There are instructions in the package that are clear and easy to follow. You apply the nail stickers like the regular Sally Hansen nail polish strips but with the gel ones there’s a special gel top coat you put on at the end. There’s a file, buffer, orange wood stick, and even alcohol pads all included in the kit.

The designs are fun for a weekend trip, night out, or when you need a change from regular nail polish. You can find them at Target, WalMart, or any drug store. There are also some good deals on Amazon. 

Sally Hansen Gel Nails ||
Sally Hansen Gel Nails ||
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