Today’s Thrifty Thursday comes straight from A Beautiful Mess!  We loved these easy rope coasters so much we had to try it and as always we added an RG spin to it.  It’s a super simple tutorial, and any crafter should have most the items on hand.  If you aren’t a crafter, but have been around RG awhile, we’ve used most of these items before in our other Thrifty Thursday posts.  They are all essentials to getting your craft drawer started.  I ended up loving these so much I took one to work to have on my desk.  It makes me happy when someone says how cute they are and I get to respond with “Thanks, I made it!”

Easy Rope Coasters ||


Materials Needed ||

  • Rope
  • Dye (optional)
  • Craft thread
  • Needle
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
Easy Rope Coasters ||
Easy Rope Coasters ||

Tutorial ||

Easy Rope Coasters  ||

1. We chose to dye our rope.  This is optional, but it added a fun twist to the plain white rope we started with.  My dye kit is from Target, but you can find dye at any craft store.  Just follow the directions on the package.  

2. Using the glue gun, place glue on the inside of the rope and coil it together in a circle.  Continue this into whatever size coaster you would like.

Easy Rope Coasters ||

3. Thread your needle using quite a bit of craft thread.  Tie a knot at the end of your thread.  Make sure when you thread through the coaster the knot is in the back of your coaster.  Pick a spot and push your needle through the back of the coaster and pull it through the front.  Pull the thread all the way through until your knot stops at the back.  Now go down two rope coils and push your needle through the front and pull out the back.   Do this another 3-4 times in the same spot to create the pattern you see below.  The last time you've pulled the thread from the front to the back tie a knot to secure it.

4.  Pick a new spot and do step three over again.  Do this several times around the coaster.  This will complete your coaster's look.

Easy Rope Coasters ||
Easy Rope Coasters ||
Easy Rope Coasters ||


Be resourceful. Be you. ||

AuthorLauren Wertz