It’s mid-January and I’m sure many of us have already broken or tried to forget half of the New Year’s resolutions we vowed we would keep in order to get healthy and stay in shape. I’m here to tell you not to give up! I also wanted to share a couple things that have helped me over the last few years and some big mistakes that many of us make when it comes to achieving our fitness goals. Don’t commit these common fitness faux pas!

The I’m not eating anything
unhealthy approach
Lets be realistic, it’s impossible to eat healthy ALL the time. Honestly, it just overwhelms me! Pick one or two things you want to focus on. Maybe it’s that you’re not going to eat french fries or potato chips or a dessert after lunch. Three years ago I told myself I had to stop drinking Diet Coke. It was a sad day and I honestly didn’t believe I could do it. Diet Coke has zero calories but the artificial sweetener in the soda had me craving real sugar and I was snacking a lot. I also didn’t need the extra caffeine. I substituted soda water for my daily (or twice daily) Diet Coke and never looked back. The next year I stopped eating cereal and waffles for breakfast and started making eggs and eating oatmeal instead. Baby steps.

Fitness Faux Pas ||
Fitness Faux Pas ||

The all or nothing approach.
This faux pas happens when you decide if you can’t work out five days a week you’re not going to work out at all. Set realistic goals. Maybe you want to start going to the gym or doing a home exercise video two days a week. That’s great! Two days is better than zero days, once you master two days then maybe try for three. Sometimes life gets busy and you have to get creative. When I don’t have time for the gym or a class I eat while I chart and take my lunch break on the stairs. Thirty minutes gets me close to 1,200 stairs! (yes, I’ve counted them) Just because you can’t get a full workout in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the stairs or do a couple push ups before you hop in the shower.
Something is better than nothing!

Fitness Faux Pas ||

The I’m overwhelmed and not going
to do anything approach.

Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start somewhere though. More than likely you have a smart phone. Go to the app store and download My Fitness Pal, it’s a free food diary. It has nutrition information for most restaurants and basically all food. You enter your current weight, age and gender and then the weight you want to be. It then calculates approximately how many calories you should eat each day. You earn calories back for working out (that motivates me!). It’s like when people say you don’t know how much money you spend until you start making a budget and writing it down. It’s the same with food. I understand this can get repetitive, it’s not something I would recommend doing every day of the year, just a week or two or until you can gauge how much you’re eating. It also has a scanner where you can scan barcodes. My Fitness Pal saves the food you input so if you eat the same things often you don’t have to
re-enter it every time.

Fitness Faux Pas ||
Fitness Faux Pas ||

Where do you go from here? I thought you'd never ask...One of my favorite things about yoga is that it's a "practice." Tara tells us every Saturday at yoga sculpt (read more about my Saturday sculpt obsession here) that we've all had different weeks and Friday nights, we're on our mats for 60 minutes to practice. Everyone is on their own journey. I've thought about this a lot over the last several months, in all areas of my life. One of my fitness resolutions this year is to be more present in my workouts. I've had to lighten up on myself and my fitness regimen and tell myself that sometimes sleep is more important, it's ok to miss a workout, and I shouldn't be going to a class just to check something off my list. I'm striving for quality not quantity in 2015. I'm practicing being more present in my workouts which will hopefully spill over into other areas of my life. We all commit fitness faux pas and hundreds of other mistakes on the regular. The important thing to remember is we're all just practicing and tomorrow is a new day. 

Be resourceful. Be you. ||

AuthorCat Golden