When we came across this bomb wall in downtown South Bend we couldn't help but feel inspired.  
In an effort to be a little more personal and share a glimpse into our lives we decided what better way to kick off the New Year then to proclaim I am, I feel, I dream and I love.  
A new year brings with it a time to change and a time to reflect on all you've accomplished.  
We hope you're doing that today and celebrating what's to come in 2016!  Happy New Year's.


I Am... || www.theresourcegirls.com

I feel…over it sometimes. I've taken on some more responsibilities at work these last two months that's had my days busy and tiresome. Nathan and I’s rent is increasing in the new year with a few added expenses thrown in that we weren't planning for.  Someday's it seems the bills are endless and this whole idea of what you thought adult life was like simply isn't as glamorous as you thought when you were seventeen.  Alarm clocks, to-do lists, full time jobs with a million expectations, rent, car problems. I'm continuing to challenge myself to not be defined by my circumstances and not let those circumstances define my mood. In 2016 I'm choosing to be thankful I have a job to go to and that pays the bills. A warm roof over my head may be something simple to be thankful for and yet has the power to put the "over it" feeling into perspective. It's a new year and a new opportunity to feel appreciative of all I have rather than feeling over it. 

"The same water that softens the potato hardens the egg.
It's about what you're made of, not the circumstances."

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I feel...uncertain. I used to always be so sure of myself, the plan I had for my life and what the next step was, and the ten steps after that. The last couple of years have taught me that life doesn't go how I plan, but that isn't always a bad thing.  I would have never dreamed I would have lived in Colorado, gotten married and divorced, go to college twice or even have started this blog. I am finally learning to embrace the uncertainty, let go of the past and truly relish in the face that the best things in life we could have never planned. 

"When you become uncomfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life." -Eckhart Tolle

I AM ||

I Am...|| www.theresourcegirls.com

I am...strong. I used to be embarrassed or try to hide that I was strong physically. People would always make comments about my arms or legs and ask where I worked out. No more, it's a part of who I am, something I've worked hard for and continue to work on.
I'm not only strong physically but I've learned that I also have a strong spirit. I've had to be resilient these last few years. The strength I've gained in the gym has translated into all areas of my life - changing jobs, going to blog events by myself, putting your life online and downright saying no to things that weren't serving me.

You will hear me repeating over and over in 2016 - I can. I will. 
A special thanks to Pearl Street Fitness to helping me be the best version of my physical self but also changing my mind. 



I am… ferocious! As I look back on this year I can say I did it ferociously and conquered quite a few things with my tenacious spirit. I conquered working out and made it a part of my weekly routine.  As Cat knows, this is no small feat for me.  I've lived out true self care this year and took care of myself more than ever.  I drank no wine, people this is HUGE, for an entire month and put my health first quite a few times this year. Believe it...here and here.  And lastly I'm continuing to push myself as a boss lady both on this RG adventure and in my day job.  You can be sure this go-getter isn't stopping and have my sights set higher for 2016.


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"My strength came not only from lifting weights,
but from picking myself up when I was knocked down.

I LOVE || 

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I love...that I believe in love again. Three years ago I truly believed I may never find true, real, grow old with me love. I told LC to be prepared that I would be some crazy old lady living in her and Nathan's basement with my dog, probably still doing Jillian videos and drinking endless pots of coffee. Then I met Daniel and he turned my world upside down. He loves me for me - the makeup in my car, have to stop for coffee, running just one minute late, big curly hair, country music blarin', craft making, thrift store shopping, Cathryn Lee, me. Is that crazy or what? 

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I love...change. I always have and I always will. We moved a lot growing up due to my dad’s job so I blame it on that. My siblings and I were always switching schools, making new friends, changing the states and homes we lived in. This year is a big change for me. This year I become a Mrs. I’m a romantic at heart and have always loved a good fairytale, a reading of vows or anything sappy. I always think change is a good thing because it brings new life, new meaning, a fresh perspective to something, anything that is affected by it. I love change and I'm thankful to be planning a big one with my soon to be Mr. this coming May!


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We've always been dreamers.
We've said a million times there's no one else we could have a blog and business with. We've set our sights high for RG and for ourselves individually. We one hundred percent believe dreams do come true, but most likely with a lot of sweat, hard work and maybe even some tears. Thanks for letting us live out part of our dream through this website and being Resource Girls.
Our motto - Dream. Believe. Achieve.

"Sometimes life is about risking everything for a
dream no one can see but you."

I LOVE || 

I Love || www.theresourcegirls.com

It goes without saying but we love you guys!  Thanks for staying on this journey with us this year and we hope you'll stick around in 2016!
We're sure it will be one for the books.  

Happy New Year!

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AuthorLauren Wertz