It’s easy to talk positive vibes when life is good. However, what about when things aren’t going how you planned? The older these Resource Girls get the more we realize life isn’t as glamorous as we once thought. Our jobs, bills, unexpected expenses, friends and family with health problems, and just rough times in general can leave one feeling defeated. This is when positivity is truly put to the test.

Positive Vibes ||
Positive Vibes ||

Over the last year we’ve been looking for the little everyday positives that truly seem to add up to a lot and turn a day, a month, and even your entire year around. It’s kind of crazy how once you start out having a positive mindset good things seem to happen and the bad seems fewer and far between. Could it be that the same events or everyday nuances are happening but maybe we’re the ones that have changed?

We’re talking little things that bring positivity to our day...

Positive Vibes ||
Positive Vibes ||
  • Funny snapchats sent between each other showcasing our amazing car karaoke skills, fondly referred to as the pre-work pump up

  • Drinking our favorite tea in the afternoon

  • Getting outside for a couple moments of fresh air

  • Trying a new hairstyle or getting a little funky with a outfit

  • Checking something off a to-do list to feel a sense of accomplishment

  • Watching our favorite show

  • Working out to release endorphins

  • Sending each other a positive quote

  • Smiling

  • Snail mail

  • Trying a new restaurant we’ve never been to 

  • When in doubt, dance it out!

One thing that’s guaranteed is that life will change without our permission. It’s our attitude that determines the ride. We have bad days just like everyone else. We can promise that we’re attempting to choose positivity daily and sometimes by the minute or the hour. We’re lucky enough to have each other to remember the positive when one of us can’t find an ounce to be thankful for. Don’t have anyone to help you channel positive vibes?
Just ask these resource girls, I’m sure we can find a thing or two for you to be thankful for!

Positive Vibes ||
Positive Vibes ||
Positive Vibes ||
Positive Vibes ||
Be resourceful. Be you. ||

AuthorCat Golden