This summer Nathan and I spent a long weekend at parent's house in Wisconsin.  It never fails when I'm with my mom that I learn some new cooking trick or see some new gadget she's using that I need to have. This trip was no different.  We did quite a bit of grilling that weekend and when we were preparing stuff for grilled salad, she whipped out an oil mister.  I knew immediately this would be a kitchen game changer.  Sometimes when pouring oil from the bottle it's easy to overuse and pour too much out.  This is the perfect fix to that.  It sprays a light coating and keeps you from drenching your food in olive oil.  It's great sprayed over vegetables prior to grilling or baking, and is even good to use over a salad if you're wanting a light olive oil dressing.   



Lately I've been pretty obsessed with grilled salad.  It takes a couple extra minutes to prepare, but it's worth every second.  Thanks to the oil mister it's a lot easier too! 


To make || 

Cut a full romaine heart in half and using the oil mister spray both sides.  Grill both sides of lettuce on low.  About 2-3 minutes per side.  

Game Changer: Oil Mister ||
Game Changers: Oil Mister ||

Add toppings of your choice. I'm currently loving Marzetti's light poppy-seed dressing.  It's so light and fresh.  Perfect for summer.  I drizzled that over my salad with tomatoes, avocado and of course salt & pepper.  Grilled chicken added in would be yummy, or even some crunchy toppings!

Game Changer: Oil Mister ||
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