In attempt to get a little more personal over here at The Resource Girls we're starting a new series called Friday Fav's. We'll post occasionally on Friday's about our current obsessions, crushes, and whatever we can't stop thinking about. 

Who knows you may just discover a new obsession yourself. Welcome to our world!


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My friend Rachel bought me this as a gift and I've been obsessed ever since. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a tube of Carmex ready at all times. I have one in my car, purse, work bag, makeup bag and a couple extra in my bathroom drawer in case I run out.
It's time to confess I've been cheating on Carmex with my Sugar Lip Treatment.
You can purchase it at any Sephora and of course on Amazon.
It's perfect for summer (spf 15), tastes like brown sugar and will have you ready to pucker up.
Don't worry, we don't kiss and tell. 




Friday Fives ||

A couple weeks ago LC and I finished a month of cleansing. You can read all about our cleanse here. In said cleanse we gave up dairy completely. It was at this time I became OBSESSED with this salted caramel cluster cashew milk ice cream. I will admit it's been awhile since I've had "real" ice cream but this stuff is a game changer.

It tastes even better than regular ice cream and better than the almond milk options I've tried. So Delicious also makes a snickerdoodle cashew milk ice cream that is to die for.
This deliciousness can be found at your local Whole Foods and I even found it at a regular grocery store in the freezer section right next to good ol' Ben & Jerry's.


It's no secret we're kind of obsessed with dream catchers. We posted a dream catcher tutorial last month (check it out here) and have seen them popping up everywhere. I love these earrings for more than one reason. They're handmade and not sold in stores. They're the perfect size and match my eyes. Lastly, my pretty amazing boyfriend got them for me. Truthfully I wanted to post a picture of him for one of my obsessions but I'm not sharing him so I didn't think it was fair!


Of course when Jillian came out with a new DVD I had to get my hands on it. Ripped in 30 is still my favorite but this one is a close second. 
It's three different thirty minute workouts - upper body, legs, and abs.
Lets just say I was sweating profusely and exhausted by the end. This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting a great workout in only half an hour. 


To say I love my overalls is an understatement. I'm a firm  believer you can never have too many rompers, jumpsuits, overalls or anything one piece. Overalls are mindless fashion, you throw them on and you're good to go. I usually wear mine with a tighter tank top underneath or a crop top since they're pretty loose fitting. I've been living in these all summer and they'll be sticking around. I got mine at Old Navy but I've seen them just about anywhere. 

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