If you remember back in July we had Annica, from Life Modifier, here as a guest blogger. She shared her bomb recipe for Kickin' Cucumber Margaritas.  Well she's back and we couldn't be more thrilled for what she's cooked up for her post today.  Annica describes a life modifier as, "Someone who dares to create their own path in life. Forget the 'rules'. Being a Life Modifier means that your life is what you make it. Whether it's fitness, your career, a relationship; your life is your own to mold."
We couldn't agree more!

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As the seasons change, so does my appetite. I stop craving hearty summer salads and start thinking about the comfort foods of fall. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to fall foods I want to try, and I'm looking forward to breaking out the crock pot and giving a few of them a try this year. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, the weather hasn't quite transitioned completely. It's still a little too warm out to fully enjoy a big bowl of chili, but that doesn't mean we can't start breaking out all the things fall a little at a time. 

I may or may not have already broken out my booties for the year, so I think it's fair enough to start bringing back the foods that warm us up. Grilled cheese has always been one of my easy dinner go-to's. It's one of those meals that I always have the ingredients on hand for when you're not really in the mood to cook something crazy. Although it's a simple meal, it's easy to get creative and 'fancy' with your grilled cheese making. I like to say that I make grown up grilled cheeses'. Add a little meat, some fancy cheese and some sort of sauce and you've turned a very simple dish into something just a little bit better.   


Brie Grilled Cheese || 

For this grown up version, I've paired brie and cranberries to bring together two tastes of fall with some turkey. If you aren't a cranberry fan, try using pear or apples for a similar, but not as tart taste. 

Brie Grilled Cheese || www.theresourcegirls.com



Ingredients ||

Sourdough bread

Cranberry Sauce

Sliced turkey breast



Cooking spray






1. Spray one side of each slice of bread. I use a coconut oil cooking spray. A little healthier and a lot less greasy. You'll be thankful later when you're eating. 
2. On one slice of bread, spread your cranberry sauce. Put this slice in a skillet. 
3. Add your turkey, brie and spinach. 
4. Top with the second piece of bread. Cook on medium heat, flipping occasionally.



Brie Grilled Cheese || www.theresourcegirls.com

Grilled cheese may not be the fanciest of meals, but if you're looking to class it up, pair this grown up version with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Its fruity, crisp flavors will pair well with the tartness of the cranberry and the creaminess of the brie. One of my favorite options is the Brancott Flight Song
It's crafted to be 20% lighter in calories and is a great mid-price range wine. 

Brie Grilled Cheese || www.theresourcegirls.com
Be Resourceful. Be You. || www.theresourcegirls.com

AuthorLauren Wertz