"Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be."

Army Green Vest || www.theresourcegirls.com

In an effort to save a few bucks, I have been on a strict no shopping budget for quite awhile. I think I bought a shirt and a sweater all through fall. Not surprising, is that I was with my sister when those purchases were made. She's definitely a shopper, that one, and when I'm with her it's hard to say no.  She convinces me so well of just about any purchase I'm considering!  

When Christmas time rolled around I was on cloud nine to open a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe for coming months. My wallet sat, unopened, and just as happy as I was. My current favorite things this month are basically all centered around this one outfit!  
Gifts that keep on giving, like this outfit, are the best kind, don't ya think?!

Army Green Vest || www.theresourcegirls.com

Army Green Vest

I found this vest this past fall while shopping with my sister.  It was super hard to say no to it, but I had already found two other pieces I loved just as much and knew buying all three were not in the budget.  Lucky me, I opened it on Christmas! My sister scooped it up at a later date and I couldn't be more thankful! I love it! I've worn it to work a few times and love it for a night out. I can't wait to wear it over a dress in the spring.

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Black Purse

It may not seem like it, but this is a pretty small purse for me. My purse usually equals a bag size. Since starting school though, I have so many bags every day that I use and have to carry with me, specifically my big school bag, that I was definitely in need of downsizing. We're talking a lunch bag, a purse, a school bag, and a gym bag. Yep, just call me the bag lady most days! Anyways, I had gotten a pair of shoes through Lulus for our holiday fashion blog post that sadly broke after the first wear. Yeah, major bummer. Lulus thankfully refunded the full purchase and that's how I got this super cute purse. It's long strap is super nice and it's the perfect size now that my school bag carries all my other things that my purse normally would.

Winter Style || www.theresourcegirls.com

Black Skinnies

Do you ever find something you love so much you buy it in multiple colors? That's how I feel about these American Eagle jeans. I have them in a dark denim color, a tad lighter denim and now I have them in black. After being gifted a little Christmas money I knew a new pair of black skinnies was in order. My other ones were worn out and the black was super faded. These are high rise, which I love, and they have a great stretch to them. They're super comfortable and my favorite pair of jeans! I highly recommend them!

Army Green Vest || www.theresourcegirls.com

Tan Heels

When your BFF, the one I share this blog with, buys you the cutest pair and most comfortable pair of shoes, it has to be shared! These suckers are seriously my most comfortable shoes in my closet! We had about two weeks of warmer weather here in the Midwest and I was so happy to bust these suckers out.  I can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear them all the time. They're so funky and will go with everything! 

Tan Heels || www.theresourcegirls.com


I love all kinds of music. On any given day you can find me listening to country, rap, current pop tracks, a little bit of the 80's (thanks to my husband), and I love a good slow jams station on Pandora.  My taste in music is definitely a melting pot. There's been a few newer songs lately that I'm loving so thought I'd share them here with you all! Anyone else think The Weeknd's new song, I Feel It Coming, was a Michael Jackson song? I'm pretty sure I questioned if it was some in the vault song they had just released of Michael's until I googled it. Don't they sound a lot alike?

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