We're ready for spring cleaning, fresh air and a few inspiring ways to change things up this spring!
 If you're in need of all those things, then stay tuned on the blog this month because all our April posts will be around the topic of being something.  Whether it's impactful, intentional, or even how to be a cactus, we're hoping to help you Be something!  Yep, you read that right, even a cactus! 

We're hoping this inspires you to change a few things around in your every day life to bring some fresh vibes your way.  Today, we're hitting it off with how to BE IMPACTFUL in the gym.  
Do you have 20 minutes?  If you answered yes, then keep reading!

20 Minute Impact Workout || www.theresourcegirls.com

What stresses you out the most? Traffic, unreturned phone calls, not enough time in the day, running late, spilt coffee? Some of our biggest stressors, especially when it comes to working out, is usually time.  As Resource Girls we don’t believe in anything super expensive or over complicated, and it always helps when it involves not a ton of time, so this is why we created a little body weight workout you can do anytime and anywhere.  We shared this workout on The Body Book last year and we think it's such a great way to get the best bang for your time and health all in one,  so we wanted to share it here!

The only thing you need for this workout is a watch or timer, your own two feet, 20 minutes, and a jump rope is optional!  If you don't have a watch, utilize the Seconds App in your app store.  We chatted about here, and love it!

First things first, EMOM. What does this mean? It stands for Every Minute On the Minute. It’s a popular type of workout where you do as many reps of a certain exercise as you can for a minute straight or as many as you can until the next minute. For example, if you’re doing push-ups you max out at ten push-ups then at the top of the minute you would start again, rest, then at the next minute start again. EMOM allows you to go at your own pace while not compromising the integrity of the movements. We’re all at different fitness levels, so focus on quality over quantity and doing the best you can!

The Workout:

20 Minute Impact Workout || www.theresourcegirls.com

Warm-Up: Jump rope for an entire song and don’t pick one just because it’s short! If you don’t have access to a jump rope do jumping jacks.

Each exercise you will do for a minute or as many reps as you can in one minute then at the top of the minute start the next exercise. Repeat the entire series at least three times for a total of approximately twenty minutes of work (including warmup).


9:00 – 9:05 || Warmup, jump rope or jumping jacks to one song (this is an estimate on time depending on how long your song is. No music? just go the full five minutes).

9:06 || Mountain Climbers – Plank position, back is flat, shoulders over wrists, alternate bringing knees into the chest, go as fast as you can

20 Minute Workout || www.theresourcegirls.com
20 Minute Impact Workout || www.theresourcegirls.com

9:07 || Squat with Arm Extension – Sit as low as you can with knees behind toes, chest up, shoulders back and arms extended forward

9:08 || Jumping Lunges – Step back into lunge position, dip down into lunge then jump up and switch legs, lunging back on the opposite leg, jump up and switch. If jumping is too hard on your knees just step instead.

9:09 || Burpees – Start in push-up position, do your push-up, jump up to a squat or fully stand up and jump then back down to plank to a push-up and repeat. Take out out the push-up if necessary or modify by going to your knees.

9:10 || Wall-sits – Back flat against the wall in squat position, booty down, legs and knees should make a ninety degree angle. Rest hands lightly on legs, don’t use arms to support you.

20 Minute Impact Workout || www.theresourcegirls.com

Repeat this series two more times (only do the warmup once).

20 Minute Impact Workout || www.theresourcegirls.com

It’s as simple as that! Get creative too. Have an exercise you love or maybe love to hate is more like it? Swap out one we have listed here and add in your own. Keep a running list in your phone of new exercises and make your own. Time flies when you’re having fun and we can promise you’ll be sweating, smiling and feeling great in no time. Now get after it!


Photo Credit: Noah Berg (www.noahbergphotography) Instagram: @noahbergphotography


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